Reel Rooter Services      licensed & bonded #REELRRS911JBB
Serving Snohomish County and
King County
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At Reel Rooter Services we are commited to providing honest, reliable, EXPERT SERVICE.

The following are our standard* rates:


Sewer Scope w/ Color Diagnostics $260.00 per hour
(1 hour minimum)
65.00 per additional quarter hour

Sewer Line Cleaning

$200.00 per hour
(1 hour minimum)
$50.00 per additional quarter hour

Drain Cleaning

185.00 per hour
(1 hour minimum)

$46.25 per additional quarter hour
Toilet removal for access $55.00 per toilet as needed for access


We accept cash, check, and Visa/Mastercard as methods of payment.
*Seniors recieve a 10% discount on Scopes and Cleanings!


Note: The average service call, video or drain clean, is 1.25 hours. It is the policy of Reel Rooter Services to charge for actual time incurred beyond the minimum one hour.  We provide service Monday - Satuday, 9am-5pm. Services provided after hours are billed at time-and-a-half. 

All rates effective as of October 15, 2017.